Brees signs a new contract

New Orleans Saints kept their quarterback Drew Brees on Wednesday, the 37-year veteran, and the team completed the signing of a two-year contract.

Brees will get all $44.25 million in guaranteed in the next two years, the contract strictly speaking can be implemented five years.

Drew Brees

The contract means the 2016 season Brees will get $20 million, getting $24.24 million the following year, the contract also includes the option to reject the transaction and does not allow the Saints using the franchise tag to Brees in 2018.

But Bristol said in an interview: “I’m ready to fight again over two seasons, my thought just makes sure I will be able to complete season one by one. The Saints are the team I am most interested in, which is why we complete a two-year contract.”

Although Brees’ age has been growing, he still the league passing yardage first person, he had completed at least 4,800 yards passing and 35 touchdowns every season of his ten years career for the Saints.