Thomas Davis accused the referees did not protect Newton

Denver Broncos got away with multiple personal fouls during the opening game versus the Carolina Panthers. The veteran linebacker Thomas Davis believes that has everything to do with the way NFL officials treat Cam Newton.

Cam Newton

Newton received direct hits to the head three times in that game, only one of which was thrown late. According to Davis awareness, he thought the referees were always hesitant to flag because of Newton’s size.

“This is not news, they didn’t do anything different that hasn’t happened all along,” Davies said. “It’s just something that the league is going to have to police and they should do better by treating Newton as the same way as others quarterback. They only look at his body. It likes the NBA had let the players stay away from Shaquille O’Neal just because of his size. The players union has always said security problems, so they should protect the players.”

If you watch the news, you will remember that last season Newton said he had received the referee’s penalty on his answer is “he did not get a call because he’s not old enough.”

Of course, you can not blame Newton or Davis’ dissatisfaction with the referee, this is a part of the game, at least these videos show how egregious they were.