Wide receiver Welker becomes Brady’s training parnter

Tom Brady asked old teammate Wes Welker to be his partner to train passing.

Tom Brady and Wes Welker

“It’s funny. I actually (Saturday) want to watch a game, I called him to ask dinner on Saturday night,” Wilke said. “What Brady’s mean seem ‘I flew back from Ann Arbor later on, but how about we pass the ball in the morning?’ I sat there and said, ‘I just think about dinner, but yes, of course.’ I’ll get there early so that we can pass, this is the only thing we were planning.”
Brady was sentenced to four games suspensions due to the “deflate” incident. As part of the suspension, he is prohibited to participation in any football-related activities or discuss them with current teammates within or outside the New England Patriots base, even including training together or passing exercise.

Welker, 35-year-old, was one of the main objects of Brady’s passing, and he completed 672 catches and got five-time Pro Bowl in the effectiveness of the Patriots.

“It’s funny,” Currently free agent Wilke said. “I sit there just want for a dinner, but replied is ‘Hey, come here to play ball!’ I feel like ‘Oh my God, he wants to be in his backyard trained attack two minutes.'”

Saturday will be Brady’s first time return to Ann Arbor to watch the game since he graduated in 1999. He lectured to the team of the University of Michigan on Friday night and participated in the coin toss ceremony with the team captain.