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Bills’ first-round LB Lawson recovered from a shoulder injury

The Buffalo Bills could have gambled, allowing Shaq Lawson to endure a shoulder injury that would bother him when he left college. Instead, they put their bets on the team — and an injured defense — to hold the fort down until he returned.

Who would have guessed it would have been so good?

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“It’s going to feel better to know that I’m 100 percent,” Lawson said of his official return to the practice field Wednesday, via the team site. “We took care of the problem with my shoulder and went to see one of the greatest doctors in New York. Being 100 percent it’s going to be a better Shaq on the field.”

So now that he says he’s back to 100 percent, the Bills are considering putting him out there this week.

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nfl-jerseys-enjoy-discountIn the absence of Lawson, Bills jerseys discovered 33-year-old veteran Lorenzo Alexander jerseys. He has eight sacks this season, which is roughly half of his career total (17) through 10 NFL seasons.

There is also an advantage in Lawson will actually play as a rotating player, he can get his feet wet on long third downs and other advantageous situations for young players to build confidence.

“We know he’s a really good guy and I want to add players we already have, and I think the defensive team is going to be good,” Bill coach Rex Ryan said. “I think as far as saying well is he a starter, well no he is not going to start now. But we are going to work Shaq in there.”

Lawson wore a helmet and all armor in Wednesday training, which is the first time he has done this since the 2015 National Championship against Alabama.

Getting through a few days of practice without incident will have to come first, but the Bills seem willing to put Lawson out there as soon as he’s ready.